مصنع عمان لصب الألمنيوم متخصص فـي صـنـع قـوالـب الألـمنيوم المخصـصة لـنـقل التيارات الكهربائية عالية الجهد المستخدمة في خـطوط الإنـتاج فـي مـصـاهر الألـمنيوم العالمية


Oman Aluminium Cast Furnace

OAC is equipped with two 50-ton holding and melting furnaces.

Oman Aluminium Cast Horizontal Direct Chill Casters manufactured by HPI in Austria

OAC operates 2 Robust Horizontal Direct Chill Casters manufactured by HPI in Austria.

Aluminium Long busbars ALBA line 6

OAC can produce a wide range of Busbars, PFA Ingots, Bars and Plates.



Oman Aluminium Cast LLC (OAC) is a specialized Aluminium horizontal Cast house designed to produce high current bus bars required by Aluminium smelters and other electrolysis plants. Our Cast house is one of its kind present in Middle East and South-East Asia.

The Casthouse was incorporated in 2016 and commercial production started in February 2017. The company is owned by the Lefebvre Engineering Group and two highly esteemed Omani business men. Lefebvre Engineering has a rich experience in the aluminium industry for more than 50 years.


Products and Capabilities


Aluminium Foundry Alloys:

OAC also produces small horizontally cast ingot for remelt with particular focus on “specialized” foundry alloys for the automotive markets.

Due to our supply of superior liquid aluminium and HDCC casting process, alloys can be offered with very low Iron (Fe) and impurity contents, and depending on customers remelting technology, an improved yield of 1-2% (*) can be achieved compared to standard ingots due to reduced burn-off and dross.

(*) Proven by experience of customers.

OAC small ingots have a cross section of 92.3 mm x 47.8 mm , with foot ingots of 92.3 mm x 92.3 mm, which are placed to the outermost position for bundle stability and to allow maximum entry width for fork-lifts. The ingots are cut to a standard length of 716 mm (minimum length due to machine capability) giving an ingot weight of ≈ 8.5 Kg, and a foot ingot weight of ≈ 17 Kg. The bundles are stacked to 7 layers high giving a bundle weight of ≈ 925 Kg.

Aluminium Busbars

OAC has two horizontal casters which are capable of casting maximum cross sections as given in the table below:

As well as a wide range of existing mould sets, OAC can offer a mould design & fabrication service and has a direct link to a machine shop for any specific or precision sizes/shapes a customer may require. The following table is a list of readily available mould cross sections:


OAC has two horizontal casters which are capable of casting maximum cross sections as given in the table below:

Busbars are generally produced according to one of two chemical compositions, with accordingly low Hydrogen content (quantified by Density Index – DI) and superior electrical conductivity (measured by IACS). Specific customer chemical compositions can be evaluated at time of request.

Standard product specifications for our busbars are available on request.

As stated, the focus is on the production of “specialist” primary foundry alloys, with the table below listing some of the alloys being cast on a regular basis, although any desired specification on primary alloys can be offered up to hypereutectic AlSi alloys, plain or refined with Na or Sr.


Year Established


Annual Capacity (Tons)


Furnaces Capacity (Tons)


Facility Size (Sq. M.)


Oman Aluminium Cast operates under an Integrated Management System (IMS) and achieved accreditation to the following standards in March 2018:

ISO  9001 : 2015,  ISO  14001 : 2015, and OHSAS 18001 : 2007.



Oman Aluminium Cast ( OAC ) and Lefebvre Engineering ( LEF ) are working together as an EPC for busbar projects. The quality of their products is well appreciated from all of their clients





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